New Medical Advances Could Better Detect Chicago Brain Injuries

After working with enough clients, Illinois brain injury lawyers are aware that it remains difficult for many forms of brain injuries, especially concussions, to be properly detected. More and more people are learning of the immense harm that these problems can have, but few easy ways remain to determine when someone has suffered a concussion.

The main challenge is that the symptoms of this injury are also caused by other problems. When someone suffers from dizziness, lack of focus, and nausea-the common indicators of concussion-there is no clear way to prove that the brain injury is the actual reason for the symptoms. In fact, some of the milder forms of concussion cannot be found even with brain-image testing. Yet, even mild brain problems can have troubling effects on the patient, so a need for better diagnostic tools is strong.

According to the Seattle Times, that better test may finally have arrived. Known as a “blast badge,” University of Pennsylvania doctors and engineers have developed a wearable object which measures the intensity of an explosion in a spectrum on which the wearer has been exposed. These are small objects that can be attached to those most likely to suffer concussions, like on the helmets and uniforms of athletes.

The scientists involved are now working to connect the specific color changes on the “badge” to correspond to the potential harm that shock had on the wearer’s brain. This shock badge will then better allow medical professionals to understand what sort of treatment might be necessary.

Another potential diagnostic tool involves simultaneously testing the cognitive and motor skills of someone who may have suffered a concussion. Scientists believe that they may be able to identify difference in performances between healthy individuals and those who have suffered a brain injury.

Still other researchers are developing a medical compound that may reverse memory and movement loss if given to sufferer of all types of brain trauma.

Our Chicago brain injury lawyers applaud the work of these scientists to save and improved the lives of these victims. With over 1 million Americans suffering from concussions every day, it is high time that increased focus remain on identifying and limiting these injuries.

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