New Scanning Methods to Detect Brain Trauma

Three new imaging modalities can help physicians diagnose mild brain damage that is typically invisible to standard CT and MRI scans. Scientists hypothesize that mild head trauma damages the brain’s white matter that is invisible to CT scans and MRIs. One of the most promising techniques for detecting this type of brain injury is a diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) that track water molecules in the brain’s white matter. Additionally, there is a second variation of the MRI which is known as the MRSI which can analyze the spectral frequencies of chemicals in the body. This new technique can measure chemical concentrations across the whole brain and can see widespread metabolic changes, even in those with the mildest brain injuries. The third test uses magnetoencephalography (MEG) which measures the magnetic fields produced by the electrical activity of nerve cells. This pinpoints the source of abnormal brain activity. These three new technologies may revolutionize the way doctors can find brain injuries. To read the full story, click here.

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