New Study Seeks to Analyze Newborn Brain Injuries

Illinois brain injuries can affect individuals of all ages. However, permanent brain trauma disproportionately affects newborn babies, often caused by problems during the birth of the infant. Chicago newborn brain injuries are particularly harmful, because they often result in problems for the children that are permanent. When a young child suffers brain trauma their lives are often affected forever, requiring additional medical and physical assistance indefinitely. It remains vital for every step possible to be undertaken to limit and prevent these accidents affecting our youngest. Part of that task includes learning as much as possible about these accidents so that they can be expected, prevented, and treated properly if necessary.

A new story from the Digital Journal highlighted the efforts of medical researchers to examine the causes and best prevention methods for newborn brain injuries. The new data led by a doctor out of Denver is being touted as the first of its kind to focus specifically on these forms of head injury. The research is long overdue, considering that the trauma connected to childbirth significantly increases the risk of these children suffering a brain injury which might affect their long-term physical and mental development. As it now stands, roughly six in a thousand infants are affected by a brain injury. The new research was targeted at lowering that number by examining information about changes in the mother’s blood before and after birth.

The researcher believes that potential causes of these injuries are blood abnormalities or inflammation. To target this possibility, the doctors involved are taking their blood samples and looking at blood cord and placenta data. Depending on what is ultimately uncovered, the research may have expansive long-term consequences. For example, if the data shows that some delivery methods or birthing procedures influence these blood abnormalities and ultimately the risk presented to the new children, then it may be necessary for those long-standing practices to change. There is no reason why popular notions about the delivery process are guaranteed to be the best to ensure the health and well-being of the children and the mother.

Part of the obligation of medical professionals is keeping abreast of new information and developments in the field about the best way to do their job. Of course it remains inadequate for doctors to stop learning following medical school-patients deserve to receive care up to the current standards and understandings. Therefore, it remains important for all those who help in the delivery process to be aware of this and all information that might prevent young children from developing brain injuries. Unfortunately, some medical professionals make mistakes that have permanent impacts on the young children that they delivery.

For decades our Illinois brain injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have worked with local families who have suffered at the hands of inadequate medical care that led to problems for young children. More families than most suspect are hurt by these types of mistakes. If you or someone that you know find themselves in this situation, please give our office a call to learn how we can help ensure that accountability is had and redress is provided.

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