New Technology Aims to Help Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys are excited to hear that the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center has started using a new brain injury machine that was designed to help diagnose and help treat traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic brain injuries. This new machine uses a combination of MRI scanning and PET scanning which can show any problems or anything that is abnormal (MRI) and then check on the metabolic activity of any of these problems (PET), and this new machine is called a Biograph mMR. The ability to determine if something is wrong in the victim’s brain and what the problem in the brain is doing can greatly help doctors figure out what exactly is wrong with a patient and help determine what the best next step should be in order to help the patient recover as fully as possible. The goal is to help doctors diagnose more quickly, hopefully catching certain problems very early on. According to Next Gov, this new machine and technology are also safer than other forms of traumatic brain injury treatments.

This new device was recently approve by the Food and Drug Administration and has just recently started to be used to help patients. In addition to helping with traumatic brain injuries, the machine also aims to help with the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. The ability to help out with post-traumatic stress disorder is hopefully something that can be used to help with troops that have suffered from this problem, and to help them get better.

Traumatic brain injuries are often times caused by a fall or a hit to the head or some other incident that causes the brain to be jarred and hit into the skull. This type of brain injury may be slight or may be very severe. Traumatic brain injuries can be permanent and can require a great deal of medical care and rehabilitation for the victim of the injury. The hope with this new machine is that with certain traumatic brain injury cases the doctor may be able to better understand what exactly was happened and what exactly is wrong, and hopefully the victims may be able to recover more fully from their injury if more is understood about what is wrong.

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys are so happy to hear that this new technology may be able to help victims of traumatic brain injuries and their families get their loved one back to more of who they were before the injury. We have seen many families suffer with the effects that a traumatic brain injury can have on the family, and hope that this new machine can offer help to many of these families.

If you or a loved one suffered from a traumatic brain injury that was the result of another person’s negligence, please contact our Illinois personal injury lawyers today to talk about what options may be available to you. We have helped clients recover millions of dollars in damages in connection with their traumatic brain injury lawsuits, and can help your family receive the compensation that you deserve for all that you have suffered through.

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