Parents Ask For Mandatory Testing after Head Injury

One star high-school athlete experienced three separate concussions last year and has been side-lined because of the head injuries. A concussion specialist recommended that he be benched for the rest of his academic year to allow his brain time to fully heal. His tale is one for all parents, to be cautionary of missed signs of brain injury. No one realized the extent of his brain injury’s while he was playing, for if they had he would not have been allowed to continue to play until his brain was properly rested. They now believe he has suffered second impact syndrome. This occurs when the brain swells rapidly before the symptoms from an earlier concussion have subsided. This can be a potentially life-threatening condition. His parents now want others to know of the dangers of allowing young athletes to continue playing after receiving a serious hit to the head. Sometimes a CAT Scan can’t even detect a concussion. Some high schools require mandatory ImPACT tests after head injuries. To read more about brain injuries in sports, please click the link.

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