Personal Injury Attorneys File Suit For Inmate’s Brain Damage

The Times Leader reported that in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a personal injury attorney filed a federal civil rights suit for Lackawanna County Prison inmate Nicholas Pinto. In the complaint, Pinto alleged that fellow inmate Michael Simonson beat Pinto. At the time, Simonson was awaiting trial for second-degree murder, which he subsequently plead guilty and received a life sentence. In the complaint, Pinto alleges that Simonson kicked Pinto in the head at least 15 times. As a result of the beating, Pinto continues to suffer severe brain damage almost a year after the incident.

Pinto is seeking justice from a former prison warden, three guards, and Lackawanna County. Pinto alleges that the guards stayed in the control room while Pinto was beaten. He alleged that the former warden failed to enforce polices that ensure officers fulfill their duties during their shifts. Pinto also alleges that the prison failed to properly separate the two inmates based on their custody classes. Pinto was being held in protective custody after suffering assault and repeated rape by other inmates. Simonson was being held in administrative custody, which is the highest security level. Prisoners in protective and administrative custody have separate cells. Pinto is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for his injuries.

According to the Mayo Clinic Research website, brain injury is “a life-altering event which affects every area of a person’s life – including his or her relationship with family members and others close to him or her.” One who suffers a brain injury may require a whole health care team, including care from neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, clinical nurse specialists, social workers, and psychiatrists. These expenses can be particularly costly to victims of another person’s negligence or intentional violence. Personal injury lawyers can help those victims to take legal action for the brain injuries that the victim did not ask for or deserve.

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