Safety & Awareness to Prevent Illinois Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

Accidents on the roadways cause the most serious traumatic brain injuries. Even more specifically, head injuries are quite common for those travelers who are in exposed vehicles–motorcycles–without the layer of protection that cars provide. It does not take much imagination to visualize how all manners of motorcycle accidents result in trauma to the head, which can cause significant long-term harm. When someone is in a car accident, being thrown from the vehicle is an exception, not the norm–especially when safety belts are used. However, the opposite is true for motorcycles, as most riders are launched off the machine, even in smaller accidents.

The official start of summer won’t come for another month, but with warming weather, the outdoor activities associated with the hot season are already in full swing. That includes riders enjoying the open road and winds that come with traveling on their motorcycle. In fact, as we’ve explained before, motorcycle travel is actually growing in popularity and more and more local residents are purchasing these machines as an alternative form of travel. Most bike owners still travel in cars but enjoy bringing out the motorcycle on nicer days or when they want a chance of pace.

Sadly, for far too many of these travelers, the desire to take in the open road may result in serious injury or even death. Accident and fatality rates are far higher among motorcycle riders than those who only travel in cars. There has been an increase in awareness campaigns recently in order to reminder all travelers–including truck and car drivers who share the road with bikers–to be familiar with the basic safety protocols that must be followed at all times to ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safety.

Illinois State Police Motorcycle Safety Fact Sheet
Law enforcement agencies in Chicago and throughout Illinois frequently publish safety information in the hopes of better educating the community and minimizing damage. For example, the Illinois State Police has a motorcycle accident fact sheet (viewed here).

The report explains how, contrary to the misperceptions of many, 95% of Illinois motorcycle accidents are caused in good weather on dry pavement. Instead, various forms of driver error are the cause. In addition, most accidents occur over the next few months, as 71% of all motorcycle accidents resulting in death occur between May and September–July and August are the single deadliest months.

Of course, there is only so much that motorcyclists themselves can do to prevent injuries. The truth is that many accidents result even with bikers act carefully at all times. That is because collisions more often than not are caused by other drivers who fail to see motorcycles, turning in front of them otherwise not sharing the road. This is unacceptable and usually calls for liability to ensure the injured biker has access to all the resources they need to fully recover.

Whenever you or a loved one is involved in one of these accidents, please get in touch with out Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers to see how we can help.

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