Start-Up Company Focuses on Combating Youth Sports Concussions

We often post about the latest in brain injury medical research and treatment. Lately is seems like a lot of news has been about traumatic brain injuries-the work to prevent them as well as treat them. This is likely a product of medical science advances which have allowed experts to better diagnose and understand the harm caused to those who experience head trauma. Before this was available many victims of brain injuries never actually knew that they had been affected. Instead the problems that they experienced were usually cast aside as caused by other factors or simply part of one’s own natural personality or ability.

Perhaps this recent change in awareness is best exhibited in the context of sports head injuries. In the past most knocks and falls that were experienced on the football field, soccer pitch, or hockey rink were brushed aside as natural and harmless bumps. However, a wealth of new research into the long-term consequences of these incidents has found that those previous assumptions are wrong. Even seemingly innocuous actions like heading a soccer ball may, done enough, have actual long-term effects on the unsuspecting youth players. Our Chicago brain injury attorneys know that with increasing awareness of these harms comes increasing responsibilities on the part of involved adults to step up and take reasonable steps to prevent long term harm. Civil negligence law demands nothing less.

Fortunately many groups and efforts have popped up recently working to help take this new medical awareness into account to help players. For example, Tech Flash reported about a relationship between a startup company called Korrio and Axion Sports to integrates online concussion detection tools and sports automation platforms. The joint effort seems like a fantastic partnership geared toward helping to keep players safe. Korrio is an organization that helps youth sports teams streamline their registrations, rosters, and scheduling issues. Axion is a company that provides online concussion tools for youth soccer.

As a result of the effort the organizational company is using Axion Sports’ Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) to create personal player dashboards. This will allow youth players to take an online cognitive test from anywhere. This test will act as the “before” snapshot of the player’s healthy brain functioning. Attention span, processing speed, learning, and working memory are all evaluated as part of the test. Later the test can be taken again, after a certain serious contact or repeated small contact, to determine if a traumatic brain injury like a concussion has actually occurred.

Our brain injury attorneys were particularly interested to learn that the process is being streamlined so that it is simple and inexpensive. Right now Korrio representatives explain that it will take about 10 minutes for the test to be completed and cost about $10 per child. The test itself is in the form of a game, similar to solitaire, that measures the speed and accuracy of players’ answers to certain questions. The overall goal of the program, says the company, is to move families away from mere awareness of the dangers of concussions to actual active concussion management. The test can be taken at home and certain sports organizations might decide to mandate the test upon registration to ensure that all players head health is accounted for and measured safely throughout a season.

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