State Construction Worker Dies on the Job From Head Injury

Illinois construction accident injuries are one common way that local resident suffer a brain trouble. Some brain injuries are caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain that develop at birth during the child’s delivery. However, when a birth injury is suffered in other contexts, it is usually the result of severe trauma to the head from a significant blow. That is why sports injuries often involve brain trouble, because they are the result of contact during the game. Similarly, construction areas are often the site of injuries that involve harmful, severe head contact.

Construction accident brain injuries often have lifelong or even fatal consequences for those involved. The severity of many of these accidents makes it vital that those in charge of safety at these work areas take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents and ensure that timely treatment is provided afterwards such that the lives of those involved can be saved. Unfortunately, serious harm caused by these incidents continues to affect residents throughout the country.

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys were saddened to learn of the death of a construction worker late last week. As reported in The Saratogian, a 62-year old Department of Transportation worker was killed as a result of a head injury while he was working on a bridge repair. According to reports, the man was in the basket of a boom truck underneath the bridge when he hit his head on the bridge’s steel support. The impact was strong, and it caused immediate damage. Witnesses report that the man became immediately incapacitated. Another employee on the scene was able to override the controls of the basket and maneuver it down. However, the severity of the injury made recovery impossible and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is unclear what led to the accident. It seems that the man was wearing a hardhat and harness at the time-which is standard procedure to ensure head safety and prevent falls. It is possible that the equipment involved may have malfunctioned. However, it will take some time and further investigation before officials have a better understanding of what exactly led to the deadly accident.

The Chicago brain accident lawyers at our firm understand that a variety of legal issues are involved in cases such as the one described here. For one thing, the cause of the injury must be more conclusively determined. If the equipment failed to act as it was supposed to act, then there is potentially some liability on the part of those who made or maintained the equipment in question. No matter what the ultimate cause of the injury, the state and the agency which employed the victim could face some liability if the procedures that they had in place were insufficient to either prevent the accident or ensure that rescue was provided in as timely a manner as possible. Unfortunately, in many cases where brain injuries are involved-from the workplace to the football field-those involved in the area’s safety only make necessary changes when they are forced.

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