Stunt Double Sues Warner Brothers for Brain Injury Sustained While Filming

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys recently read that Warner Brothers production studios had a brain injury lawsuit filed against them by a stunt double who was cast in their movie, Hangover 2. The personal injury lawsuit alleges that the stunt double was riding in a truck that was moving very fast, while they were filming a scene for the movie, and another car crashed in to the truck that the stunt double was riding in. The reason that the victim alleges negligence on the part of the production company is that the victim believes that the stunt called for the car to be moving at a speed that was too fast to be safe for the stunt double to have to ride in the car. The lawsuit alleges that had the company set a lower speed for the car to be moving at, that the victim would not have suffered the severe brain injuries that he did as a result of the car accident.

The stunt double suffered the injury back in December of 2010 and is said to have been in a hospital or rehabilitation center in Thailand (where the movie was being filmed) ever since the accident first occurred. The brain injury lawsuit seeks damages for the stunt double’s medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and for expected costs for treatment that will be necessary because of the extensive level of his head and brain injuries. The personal injury lawsuit also seeks money damages on behalf of the stunt double’s domestic partner, because she has remained in Thailand since his injury to be with him and to take care of him, and has been unable to work.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the brain injury has left the stunt double with brain trauma, with speech impediments, with multiple seizures, and with physical injuries. Given the extent of these severe head injuries, and that the damage is still very present nine months after the accident, the brain injury lawsuit seeks damages for continual care for the victim. While the lawsuit was just recently filed, and no definite numbers have been released in terms of the damages that the victim and his domestic partner are seeking, the production company has stated that they are offering their support and want to work together with the plaintiffs to try to solve any of the issues that the plaintiffs have with the production company.

Often times employees are injured while they are on the job, due to negligence on the part of their employer. Employers have a duty to make sure that their employees are working in a safe environment, and a duty to protect them from known dangers that the employee may encounter while working. When an employer is negligent and places the employee in a position where the employee has to do something that is dangerous and then the employee is injured, the employer will likely be found liable for causing the employee’s personal injuries. Our Chicago based personal injury law firm has helped clients all over Illinois that were injured as a result of their employer’s negligence and our Chicago brain injury attorneys are here to hear your story and discuss with you what options are available.

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