Summer Activity Brain Injury Risks

Newsday is reporting on a water accident that left the stepson of popular entertainer Usher with a serious brain injury. According to reported the eleven year old was “tubing” on Lake Lanier with a 15-year old friend when the tube was hit by a personal watercraft. The eleven year old took a blow from the craft directly on the head. Early reported indicate that the child has not had any brain activity since entering the hospital.

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys appreciate that while this is just one case making headlines involving a summer-activity related brain injury, many other children (and adults) will suffer similar accidents this summer. To beat the heat and keep children busy when off school, many families engage in a range of outdoor activities. It is important to understand the safety risks at these times to ensure that summer fun does not turn into a serious, even deadly, accident.

Some of the most dangerous summer activities include:

-Swimming: Drownings are one of the leading causes of death for the youngest children. Many other children suffer near-drowning incidents. When that occurs the child’s brain is often deprived oxygen for an extended period of time. The oxygen deprivation can cause serious brain injuries. For that reason it is vital for families to be as safe as possible when near the water. It only takes a second for a youngster to slip under the water unnoticed. Unfortunately, some pool owners and operators fail to abide by requirements to keep a pool safe, like ensuring proper water clarity, available safety equipment, and that the pool is not overcrowded. When negligence occurs an Illinois injury lawsuit may be appropriate to hold the wrongdoers accountable.

-Amusement Park Accidents: Similarly, it is absolutely essential for the owners and operators of amusement park, fairs, and carnivals to ensure their spaces are safe and secure. Sometimes corners are cut that allow serious accidents to happen. Considering the dangers inherently present in many rides, there is no excuse for all safety precautions not to be taken to prevent serious injuries, including ones affecting the head and brain.

-Water Parks: A mixture of of aquatic activities and amusement-park like rides, water parks come with a unique set of risks. Be sure to keep a close eye on children that are going down water slides or even just floating in the lazy river. If staff members at the facility fail to act appropriately, serious brain injuries might result.

-Boating: At the case of Usher’s stepson shows, tubing, skiing, kneeboarding, and other motorboat activities can be risky. Riding jet skis presents a similar set of dangers. It is important for all those engaged in these activities on rivers, lakes, and oceans to practice safety both for themselves and others around them. The stakes are too high to do otherwise.

Obviously everyone should take advantage of the opportunities to have fun this summer. But our Illinois brain injury lawyers want to remind all area residents of the need to do so safely. If you or someone you know suffers a brain injury (or any injury) this summer as a result of an accident that might have been prevented had others acted reasonably, please get in touch with our office to see how we can help.

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