Supporting Children with Brain Injuries

Few injuries can have as many far-reaching consequences as those involving the brain. Our Chicago brain injury attorneys appreciate that the harm is perhaps greatest when it involves children. When a child suffers a brain injury, they often have severe problems for the rest of their lives–suffering physical, mental, and emotional challenges that they otherwise would not have suffered. When the injury was caused by the negligence of another it is entirely appropriate for the wrongdoer to be held accountable and required to compensate the child for the cost of the care needed down the road.

While the goal should always revolve around prevention, there are fortunately a growing number of organizations committed to helping children with brain injuries as much as possible. For example, the Wall Street Journal published a story this week on one family foundation spurred by the loss of a loved one.

Thirty years ago, a young man died in an accident while on vacation. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the family decided to turn the sadness into a reason to help others. A foundation was created to help others, with much of the recent work going to help youngsters affected by traumatic brain injuries. For example, recently the foundation made a gift in the amount of $150,000 to a healthcare system for children to aid in a new state-of-the-art pavilion for the traumatic brain injury program. This latest gift is apparently only the most recent in a series of generous contributions to the facility’s brain injury efforts over the past fifteen years.

In years past much of the donations have gone to purchase items to help children during their rehabilitation process, including educational tools, computer systems, equipment, and therapy devices. About 25% of all children at the hospital have some form of brain injury, often from an accident, stroke, cancer or other traumatic event.

Each Illinois brain injury lawyer at our firm knows that one challenge faced by this hospital and many others in similar situations is the cost of modernizing equipment for these patients. New research and advances in technology present many new options for recovery. But they do not come cheap. That is why this particular hospital is in the midst of a $35 million modernization campaign.

All donations, big and small, to help these facilities provide needed care should be applauded. Unfortunately, there are never enough resources to ensure that all those in need receive the best care possible all of the time. There remain many brain injury victims, children and adults alike, who struggle each day to get by.

That is one of many reasons why our attorneys work with those hurt by others to ensure they have access to the latest tools to get their lives back on track. Far from being an attempt at a “windfall” lawsuits following these accidents, seeking accountability via civil suit is often the only way the injured can have the best shot at making themselves “whole” or at least getting as close to their pre-injury condition as possible.

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