Teen Celebrates Continued Recovery One Year After Snowboarding Accident

Traumatic brain injuries are a risk for all age groups. Car accidents, falls, and similar occurrences where blunt force is possible are the leading causes of these injuries. The elderly are prone to falls. Teens and children are often in car accidents. From those in nursing home to newborns, these injuries can truly strike anyone.

However, in popular consciousness, the young are more at risk for these TBIs. That is because while seniors often suffer TBIs, they have many other health risks which are actually more likely to occur. On the other hand, children and teens have few health risks other than accidents where blunt force is an issue. In other words, as a percentage of overall injury types, it is the youth who face the gravest traumatic brain injury risk. Also, the consequences for young brain injury victims often seem particularly severe, because they can lead to problems that last for decades.

That is not to say that it is impossible for children and teens to bounce back from these injuries. Our Illinois brain injury lawyers know that many local victims have made great recoveries from situations with uncertain outlooks. It is important never to underestimate the ability of some TBI victims to recover. For example, a story this week from News Net 5 profiles a teen who suffered a traumatic brain injury during a snowboarding trip a year ago. The student was on a trip to a ski resort with friends and their parents in what was supposed to be a fun getaway.

The group hit the slopes as soon as they arrived. The teen is an avid snowboarder and he was on a run that shouldn’t have posed any trouble to him. His friends went on the run with him, but they became worried when he did not make it to the bottom of the hill. A search ensued and the young man was eventually found unconscious lying on the ground near some trees. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, and has no recollection of what happened.

The teen is lucky to be alive. Because of the weather, it was difficult for a helicopter to make a landing. Instead, he had to be rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. Doctors determined that he had fractured his skull and suffered significant brain damage. His parents were told that it was unlikely he would survive through the night. Fortunately, he did make it. He ultimately spent five weeks at the hospital.

Throughout the ordeal he was given rehabilitation. When he was released from the hospital, his parents (who are both coaches) worked with him relentlessly on his recovery. He had to relearn how to talk, eat, walk, and perform basic tasks. After eleven weeks of rehabilitation, the teen was able to walk, talk, and eat on his own again. Now, a year later, he is still in therapy-still trying to get back to complete self-sufficiency. Amazingly, he was able to get back to school for the start of the year last fall. His story is a reminder that, no matter what, those who have suffered these injuries to push themselves each day to recover as much as possible.

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