The Daily Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

With each new case our Chicago brain injury attorneys become more and more familiar with the long-term costs and consequences of most of these injuries. Legally, it is important to have a detailed grasp of the actual lifetime costs and harm to the victim, because those costs are crucial to determining a fair settlement amount. If the case goes to trial, an intimate understanding of the day-to-day costs of traumatic brain injuries is even more necessary, because it frequently needs to be explained in careful detail to a jury.

Besides the technical knowledge of understanding what types of damages the law allows to be recovered, there is often an art to this process. The consequences of these injuries are often hidden. Unlike other cases where specific information is easily available to show how the harm will impact a life, brain injuries can be much more mysterious, and they are much more personalized. Our Chicago injury lawyers understand this, and it is one of the main reasons why we prioritize learning about the specific causes, consequences, treatments, and other aspects to these injuries. In addition, every new case we take and client that we help provides more experience to better reveal how these life-changing injures affect real lives.

Getting to the day to day consequences of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) was at the heart of a story published this week by WDIO News. The story centers around a traumatic brain injury support group where local victims of these injuries meet every month to share stories and support one another as they deal with the long-term consequences of their harm. For example, one man explains the effect that the TBI has had on his memories. When trying to think of old memories he notes, “You see little flashes and you can’t piece it together.” Some victims lose long-term memories, others short-term, and a few lose both. The man in this story explained how his daughter was married not too long ago. He sadly explained that he “couldn’t tell you a think about her wedding, but I walked her down the aisle.”

The victim in this case had to have nearly half of his brain removed to save his life. He was forced to learn how to walk and talk again, just like many other victims. Beyond that, the man explains that he lost most of his eyesight. The inability to see most things is incredibly damaging on its own, but there are countless other repercussions. He can no longer drive, of course, and that fact alone has huge ramifications on his life. In addition, the story explains how the victim is forced to take roughly 30 pills a day to help with a wide range of other problems resulting from his injury.

As this one victim’s story explains, there is truly no limit to the ways that these injuries can affect lives. Considering the physical, emotional, financial, social, and psychological effects of these injuries, it is no wonder that victims often seek aid from those who caused the harm so that they can have the resources they need to deal with these consequences.

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