Tips for Parents to Prevent Brain Injuries in Children

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are one of the most common injures that can befall young children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that children under four years old constitute the demographic group with one of the highest TBI incident rates. That is why our Illinois brain injury attorneys are working to raise awareness of these injuries. Even simple preventative steps can go a long way to saving many children from severe disability and even death.

A story in the North Fulton newspaper recently touch upon some basic safety tips for parents. To emphasize the importance of these safety efforts, the article shared the story of one nine-year old boy who forgot to heed his mother’s warning and rode off on his dirt bike without a helmet last September. While cycling through his subdivision to meet a friend, the boy accidently ran his bike into a chain link fence. The boy suffered a cut on the left side of his face, but even more serious, the child had suffered a brain injury. After being taken to a hospital, the boy was given stitches for the cut and then sent home.

However, the family soon realized the traumatic brain injury that he had suffered was far more serious than the cut. In the week after the injury, the boy began acting somewhat strange. His mother recalls that he was irritable and disgruntled-he was normally a happy, smiling child. On top of that, the boy had memory loss, became confused at times, and had trouble articulating his thoughts. The family eventually learned that all of these were symptoms of a serious concussion-rest and rehabilitation were required to give the brain time to heal and to keep the injury into developing into something serious.

The boy’s mother wanted to remind all local parents of the need to follow basic safety practices to cut down the risk of a child suffering a TBI. Some tips…

Make sure children always ride in approved child safety seats when in the car. Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of TBI.

However, never place a child who is in a carrier on a high place. Infants have suffered serious injuries after tumbling off a roof or other area while sitting in the car seat.

Large pieces of furniture, televisions, and appliances should be secure. Toddlers who push or climb on them could be hurt if those objects tumble.

Stairs should be free of clutter to prevent toddlers from tripping.

Similarly, all windows should be locked to prevent falls by inquisitive youngsters.

If an injury does arise, it is important for parents to take the initiative to get help. The mother in this case reminds readers that “One thing that parents really need to know is that the child that has the concussion doesn’t realize that anything is wrong with them.” Our Chicago brain injury attorneys urge parents to remain vigilant for all signs of head injury. The potential consequences are far too serious to take any chances.

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