Tragedy on the Water – Four Year Old Dies in Norwegian Breakaway Pool

Drowning injuries are the most tragic of accidents because they often strike the youngest among us and occur in the very moment when families are enjoyed rest and relaxation. Whether an accident strikes in a hotel, apartment complex, water park, or cruise ship, the tragedy is always acute and questions must be asked to ensure future injuries are avoided. Brain injuries are the most common harm that comes with drowning and near-drowning because oxygen is deprived to the organ while under water.

Unfortunately, stories continue to emerge of drowning deaths and near-drowning across the country. For example, just this week, the Daily Mail reported on a cruise ship drowning tragedy affecting a family on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

Norwegian Drowning Accident
The details of the event remain unclear, as investigators continue their work into the matter. What is known so far is that two children were found unresponsive inside a swimming pool on a ship known as Norwegian Breakaway. As soon as they were spotted, emergency workers were called who performed CPR on the youngsters.

One of the children, a six year old, was apparently saved before being flown to a hospital. However, rescue workers were unable to revive the second child, a four year old boy.

Norwegian Cruise Lines acknowledged the tragedy on the company Facebook page, but other details about the event are unclear. Early reports do suggest that the children were found in an “adult” pool on board the new vessel.

It has yet to be determined if the children were related, how they both ended up in trouble, and whether anything about the pool’s condition may have contributed to the tragedy. Also, observers are still determining whether overcrowding or the general unsafe design of the pool space itself may have factored into the situation.

Cruise Line Pool Drowning Liability
Pool safety advocates are constantly reminding owners and operators of pools and aquatic spaces of the inherent risks. There is simply zero room for error when it comes to issues like proper water clarity, warning signage, access to emergency equipment, and similar protection measures.

It is incumbent upon all those involved to leave no stone unturned when figuring out exactly what happened in this Norwegian cruise case. If negligence of any kind played a role–as it often does–then it is important for the families to demand accountability. Drowning attorneys with experience in these accidents can explain the common legal ramifications and ensure a full investigation is actually conducted to ensure redress. It is only with those harmed press forward that real changes are made to prevent future tragedies.

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