Traumatic Brain Injury Research Advances Presented at Symposium

On Thursday the Sacramento Bee published a story on an upcoming symposium that will involve discussion of the latest advances in traumatic brain injury and stroke treatments. The symposium will be held in early May with discussions with some of the leading practitioners in the country working on these issues. Each Chicago brain injury lawyer at our firm appreciates the incredible advances that have already been made in this area and the tremendous potential that exists in ongoing research which may help families with a loved one affected by a traumatic brain injury.

This particular symposium will be held in Austin, Texas on May 4th. It is entitled “Collaborating for Cures: Emerging Translational Research in the Stroke and TBI Care Continuum.” Scheduled topics include cutting edge research on stem cell policy, neuroplasticity, and neuroimaging techniques. Beyond the focus on new research in the area, the event will also highlight political and policy-related barriers and challenges. In this way the symposium seeks to both educate the community on the research potential as well as push for policy changes that might help the ultimate research goals be reached sooner rather than later.

For that reason, a local state senator will give a health and policy related presentation on the potential to improve community health by investing in local community research efforts. Our Illinois brain injury lawyers understand that this is a lesson which is applicable to communities across the country. Real progress in this area will only occur when real resources are devoted to the necessary research to make important discoveries and turn those discoveries into actual treatments for patients.

Stem cell research efforts are a centerpiece of the symposium, because they are at the heart of many different research efforts that might one day help traumatic brain injury victims as well as stroke victims. One of the sponsors of the event is a stem cell research non-profit group. The organization lists its mission as one to “provide educational information to the public and policymakers regarding the medical and economic benefits of stem cell research and therapy. ”

Every day more and more residents in Chicago, Illinois, and throughout the country are suffering brain injuries. The brain has long been a source of significant mystery even to leading researchers in the area. However, in the past few decades there has been amazing strides made in understanding of the brain generally. That general knowledge is slowly paying off for those who have suffered injuries as medical researchers figure out how to fix or at least prevent certain brain damage.

If you are in Illinois and have suffered a brain injury-or know someone who has-it is important to ensure that you at least learn about your legal rights. In many situations it is the negligence of others which contributes to the injury. Car accidents, slips, falls, and other situations have unreasonable conduct at their heart. Visiting with a legal professional doesn’t automatically mean that you want to file a lawsuit. Instead, it is just the beginning of a basic conversation so that you can at least be made aware of your options.

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