Victims of Regatta Accident File Brain Injury Lawsuit

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys recently read about a brain injury lawsuit in which the three victims of a regatta accident have sued the organizers of the Madison Regatta alleging that their negligence led to the severe personal injuries that they suffered following an accident that left them with brain injuries. The victims of the accident claim that because of the way that the course was set up, it was unsafe for the competitors and that is what led to the accident this summer. The accident occurred when one of the people participating in the regatta lost control of his boat and it hydroplaned and slammed into a rescue boat that was there for the event. The victims claim that the safety boat was in the wrong location and that if the boat had been where it should be the accident would not have been as serious as it was. The multiple people that were hurt in the accident suffered a variety of severe injuries.

According to WLKY, one of the victims was in the hospital for three weeks and had to learn how to walk again, and another victim received a severe head injury that resulted in a brain injury that affected his memory. The personal injuries resulted in a large amount of medical bills for the victims, and they will likely continue to require physical therapy in order to fully recover. The brain injury lawsuit was filed not only against the organizers of the Regatta but also against the governing body of the Regatta event and against the driver of the boat that hydroplaned and the boat driver’s team.

According to the brain injury lawsuit there were concerns prior to the event that the venue where the Regatta was held might not be as safe as it should be, and there were worries that there could be an accident at the event. The victims say that in addition to seeking damages for their injuries and to cover the expenses connected with the accident, they want the Regatta organization to be forced to take responsibility for their negligence actions. The victims hope that the lawsuit will force the Regatta team to change their safety precautions and keep this type of incident from ever occurring again.

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys hope that the victims of the accident get the compensation that they deserve and that the Regatta company takes responsibilities for their actions. Our personal injury law firm has helped out victims all over the state of Illinois recover millions of dollars as monetary compensation for their injuries and our goal is to help out victims of other people’s negligence and help them achieve the justice that they deserve. If you or a loved one were the victim of a brain injury and you feel that a brain injury lawsuit should be filed against the person responsible for the injury, please do not hesitate to contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys today.

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