Woman Sues Car Company for Negligence Leading to Her Brain Injury

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys just learned about a lawsuit in which a woman has sued the car company that manufactured the car she was driving when she got into an accident that left her with a brain injury. According to the brain injury lawsuit, the woman was driving her car the posted speed limit and was wearing her seat belt on a rainy evening, when another driver lost control of their vehicle and slammed into the woman’s car. While the car accident itself was caused by the other driver that slammed into the woman’s car, the brain injury lawsuit alleges that due to the car company’s negligence and design defects, the car did not properly protect the woman driver after the driver slammed into the woman’s car.

The brain injury lawsuit alleges that the woman’s car airbag did deploy, but that the design of the airbag and protection to the driver was insufficient to fully protect her in an accident. The woman’s head struck the side of the car and she suffered brain damage as a result of this hit. According to The Southeast Texas Record, the reason the lawsuit is against the car company is that the woman believes that the overall design of the car was negligently designed and manufactured and that because of this improper design, the woman suffered from the brain injury. The lawsuit seeks damages not only for the medical bills associated with the head injury but also for the woman’s pain and suffering and the mental damage that occurred due to the car’s design.

This type of brain injury lawsuit is a good example of how many accidents and brain injuries are not just the result of one person’s negligence or actions, but may be the combined result of several people’s actions. When your personal injuries are caused by several people, a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence may be able to be filed against all people that are responsible. In this case, the woman driver may have also sued the driver of the car that hit her for the driver’s negligence in failing to keep a proper lookout or failure to control his vehicle.

Sometimes when a person is injured in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, the victim unfortunately may be further injured when treated for their injury if the doctor or hospital staff acts negligently. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident that left you with a brain injury, and there were multiple people who were responsible for the full extent of your injuries, there may be multiple people who should be sued to recover damages for what you have suffered as a result of their negligent actions. Our personal injury law firm has helped out victims all over the state of Illinois figure out what options the victim has available to them and what steps need to be taken. Please call our brain injury attorneys today to discuss what has happened to you or to your loved one and to see what options are available to you.

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